Magicians' Alliance of Eastern States
2007 Convention

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Convention Dates:

    August 23 - 25, 2007

Convention Location:

    The Radisson Hotel
    Trevose, PA

Convention Committee:

  • General Chairman - Mike Miller
  • Registrar - John Beinhaur
  • Publicity - Beth Sheligo
  • Site - Mike Miller and Beth Sheligo
  • Talent - Phil Milstead and Mike Miller
  • Contest - David Bowers
  • Dealers - Scott Correll


  • 212 Attendees
  • 15 Dealers

Award Winners:

  • Best Assistant - Eric DeSouza
  • Larry West Memorial Award for Best Close-Up, Junior - Matt Schick
  • Close-Up, Adult - Cory Bragar
  • General Magic -
  • Stage Manipulation - Jason Andrews
  • Earl Canapp Comedy Award - Zoe Reiches
  • Junior Stage - Zoe Reiches
  • Mentalism -
  • Clint Reidel Best Act of Competition Award - Forrest Chapman
  • Originality - Ali Shelly; special mention to Andy Huang
  • Pierre Fontaine Outstanding Newcomer of the Year Award - Graham Fishman
  • M.A.E.S. Award of Excellence - Jason Andrews
  • William H. Endlich Award, to the person who best exhibits the spirit of M.A.E.S. - Bob Little

The Acts:

George Saterial George Saterial has become the first and only magician in the world to receive the Gold Medal of Excellence from the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians. By merging a truly original concept with classic style, an obsession with perfection, charisma, and tireless practice and work, George Saterial has achieved arguably magic's greatest feat - George was awarded both honors in the same year.


Richie B As with most magicians, Richie B was bitten by the magic bug at a very young age when he received his first magic set. It remained a hobby until about 10 years ago when Richie B. become very serious and intensely studied the art of magic. He continuously practices sleight of hand magic which has won him numerous awards as voted by his peers, including the MAES 1st Place Close up Magician 2005.


Lovell Buchanan Lovell Buchanan is an accomplished magician, juggler, clown and puppeteer. He made inaugural magic by being invited twice to perform at Governor Ridge's Inauguration. He was also selected to perform for President Bush at the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn. He marched off for the past several years to win top awards in the comic division at the annual Mummers Parade in Philadelphia. His clown image is on a goose egg at The Clown Hall of Fame.


Alain Choquette Unlike most professional magicians, Alain Choquette sticks to the basics of his trade without using a great deal of Hollywood-style special effects, and it is precisely because of this simplicity that he continues to sell out shows all across North America. No matter how simple the tricks may look, audiences will still be scratching their heads and asking, "How did he do that?" all night long and Mr. Choquette is not about to give up any of his secrets.


Bill Dickson Bill & Nadine Dickson are MAES 2006 “Clint Riedel” winners along with Nadine winning “Best Assistant”. Together they both bring to the stage their own unique style of magic. Bill presents some of the classics of Magic, while Nadine does the mis-directing. With their upbeat music and energetic personality you are sure to be kept on the edge of your seat.


Joan DuKore Joan DuKore is delightful in her fusion of magic and comedy. Her magic excites, mystifies and enchants the audience, leaving them wanting more magic with a feminine touch.


Graham Fishman Graham Fishman debuted at the "Stars of Tomorrow" for the 2005 S.A.M. convention in Boston. At Magi-Fest 2006, he took first place in Junior Stage and was awarded a full scholarship to Sorcerer's Safari. Graham performs frequently for private parties and corporate functions.


Dan Garrett Dan Garrett has performed across the USA and in more than a dozen foreign countries. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, he holds the rank of MIMC, Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star, in London's Magic Circle. Dan served as National President of the Society of American Magicians; he also served for 20 years as Territorial Vice-President for the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Dan has been a consultant to superstar David Copperfield, who says, "Dan Garrett has one of magic's most entertaining and creative minds."


Goldfinger and Dove From Monte Carlo to Tokyo, from Las Vegas to Rome, audiences around the world have thrilled to the exotic, fast paced mysteries of the dynamic team of Goldfinger and Dove . Their innovative style has influenced countless other magic teams. The ebullience, spirit, and genuine joy that sparkles through each and every performance is an inspiration and a delight to audiences around the world.


Bruce Kalver Bruce Kalver has been working professionally for over 40 years. His work in magic has taken him all over the world. He has toured with his wife and partner, Arlene, on cruise ships sailing the Atlantic and the Caribbean, in Dinner Theatres all over the country, and at trade shows where they added their magic touch to many products and services.


Joe Lefler Joe Lefler , AKA Mr. Tricky has been a Balloonologist since 1985. Joe has taught balloon sculpture all over the country and has three instructional videos out to help other people learn the skill of making figures from balloons. Joe has performed for many of the country’s top corporations and has made numerous television appearances.


Bob Little There is no other magician in the world like Bob Little . And, because underneath his quirky, sexy "Wild Man" persona there is an experienced pro who really knows what he is doing at all times and who knows how to teach the real work of captivating an audience, there is no other magic lecture to compare with a Bob Little lecture. His repertoire is culled from the legacies of such as Walter Cummings, Paul Rosini, Ken Allen, and Max Londono, but he exemplifies how to customize the creations of others to suit our own styles.


Howard Mincone A physical comedian, juggler and personable entertainer, Howard Mincone has worked with many world class variety performers around the globe. His performances combine movement, comic mime, stand-up comedy and juggling. With twenty years of professional experience, Howard’s lightning-fast wit and boundless energy have made him one of the most popular acts for fairs, festivals, variety shows, corporations and special events across North America.


Richard Sanders Richard Sanders is a bona fide, underground treasure. His marketed effects, such as Interlace, Slow Burn, Fiber Optics, Super Cards and The Richard Sanders Show have infiltrated the working repertoires of magicians around the world. Richard performs jaw dropping, magically impossible effects with normal everyday objects. His eye-popping work with rope will literally stun you into amazement. Richard’s newest creation, Interlace, has been hailed as one of the greatest effects to come out in magic in the last 20 years!


Peter White Peter White and his wife, Cynthia, manufacture a complete line of silks and silk products for magicians. They also offer instructional videos on silk magic, teaching silk folds and moves, silk productions, the correct use of silk apparatus and gimmicks -- and even simple methods of making your own apparatus.


The Dealers:

  • Alain Choquette
  • Scott Correll
  • Dehoff Flowers
  • Denny & Lee
  • Diamond Magic
  • Empire Magic
  • Dan Garrett
  • Bruce Kalver
  • Joe Lefler
  • Bob Little
  • Magic Goods
  • Magic Sojourn
  • Magical Enhancer
  • Joe Mogar
  • Peter White
  • Ziggy's Magic Shop

Convention Recap: