2007 Convention Recap by Beth C. Sheligo

The 2007 MAES was held at the Radisson Hotel in Trevose, PA , August 23rd – 25th. The convention got underway on Thursday with a silk lecture by Pete White, followed by a lecture on stand-up magic by Dan Garrett. Both were well attended and well received. The evening entertainment “Special Event” was an hour with the “French Connection” – Richard Saunders & Alain Choquette. Hilarity reigned, and everyone left smiling, including the performers. The evening concluded with our annual auction with auctioneer Marc DeSouza swinging the gavel.

The first order of business on Friday morning, was the Close-Up Contest. The first performer, Ezra Dutch Feldman, performed a routine with a card that kept vanishing from the deck and appearing in his pocket. Next up was Cory Bragar, with a cleverly themed act based around her “day’ job as an attorney. Noland Montgomery followed with the cups and balls, and Samson Fowler performed a very nice 4 Ace effect to music. Alley Shelly was the next entrant, with a very clever stewardess character routine built around the theme of travel. Karl Eason performed a card effect whereby an audience member can declare the deck position of their selected card. Matt Schick performed a clever card routine about finding a chosen card with the assistance of a map. Michael St. James was next with a 4 Ace effect employing a military theme, then George Gee baffled the audience with a deck that changed back and forth from blank to printed, blue backs to red, with the finale of two cards changing places. Forrest Chapman performed a silent manipulation act utilizing pens, multiplying coins and bills, concluding with a shoe production. Harrison Lampert was next with a sponge ball routine themed around Chinese take-out, and Shawn Gollatz closed the competition with an act featuring coin manipulation, followed by a card that is first scorched then restored.

The Dealers’ Show was next, followed by a Lecture/Workshop by Goldfinger and Dove. The close-up show ensued, opened by surprise guest Jeff McBride performing card productions. MC duties were handled by Ice McDonald, and the amazing talent of Richie B, Dan Garrett, Joan Du Kore, Bob Little, George Saterial and Richard Sanders provided a memorable experience. Just prior to the start of the The William H. Endlich Memorial Show, President Arlen Solomon presented Secretary/Treasurer Joe Curcillo with an engraved plaque, honoring his years of service to the MAES.

The show was emceed by Dan Garrett,