Magicians' Alliance of Eastern States
2008 Convention

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Convention Dates:

    September 11 - 13, 2008

Convention Location:

    The Hotel Carlisle
    Embers Convention Center
    Carlisle, PA

Convention Committee:

  • General Chairman - Mike Miller
  • Registrar - John Beinhaur
  • Publicity - Beth Sheligo
  • Site - John Beinhaur and Beth Sheligo
  • Talent - Phil Milstead and Mike Miller
  • Contest - David Bowers
  • Dealers - Scott Correll


  • 197 Attendees
  • 15 Dealers

Award Winners:

  • Best Assistant - Nicole Galbraith
  • Larry West Memorial Award for Best Close-Up, Junior - not awarded
  • Close-Up, Adult - Jason Greenmyer
  • General Magic - Vince Suppan
  • Stage Manipulation - Samson Fowler
  • Earl Canapp Comedy Award - Jason Greenmyer
  • Junior Stage - Mary Kate Santa Lucia
  • Mentalism - Ralph Fowler
  • Clint Reidel Best Act of Competition Award - Jason Greenmyer
  • Originality - Almar
  • Pierre Fontaine Outstanding Newcomer of the Year Award - Jay Mattioli
  • M.A.E.S. Award of Excellence - not awarded
  • William H. Endlich Award, to the person who best exhibits the spirit of M.A.E.S. - Arlen Solomon

The Acts:

Shawn Farquhar Shawn Farquhar was named Magician of the Year by The Canadian Association of Magicians. The Pacific Coast Association of Magicians awarded him the GRAND PRIX D'HONNEUR and the International Brotherhood of Magicians awarded him both STAGE MAGICIAN and SLEIGHT OF HAND MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR, making him the ONLY magician in history to win BOTH world championships!


Bob Sheets Bob Sheets has credentials in a variety of venues, including Circus and Side Show performer, Shopping Center Magic promotions, Magic Bartender, Street Magician, Bar/Restaurant Owner, Renaissance Festival performer , Magic Dinner Theater entrepreneur, Trade Show crowd stopper, and Sales Meeting wake up artist. Bob lectures and performs for magicians all over the world, and has appeared in England, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Australia and India


David Allen David Allen calls himself an "audience magician." His down to earth personality and charm helps to bridge the gap between performer and spectator, making everyone feel part of the show.


Eric Anderson Eric Anderson uses magic to entertain and motivation to inspire. Audiences are entertained, educated, and empowered to take ownership of the idea that, regardless of the hand you where dealt, nothing is impossible. He has appeared on CNN, NBC, FOX and CBS television programs.


Jason Andrews Jason Andrews has abilities that go much further than just a "Classic Magic Act" - searching for the "old tricks" no one does anymore and adding his personal "twist" to them to create entertaining "new tricks" keeps Jason's interest in magic an ever-growing journey.


Tom Craven Tom Craven has performed a number of times at the famous Hollywood Magic Castle. He has written numerous articles for magic magazines and even has his own monthly column in the Linking Ring (the International Brotherhood of Magicians monthly magazine.


Steve Daly In May 2007, following a 15 year hiatus, he brought the Bonnie Bitch Shows to life again with "THE BITCH IS BACK!" 2007 National tour. In addition to touring, Steve Daly is currently seen weekly on A&E; with "Criss Angel's MIND FREAK.


Scott Francis Scott Francis inspires, motivates and educates people by combining comedy, magic and heartfelt messages into his programs. His comedy magic performance is a combination of the funniest comedy and the most unique off-the-wall magic. This clean, fast-paced show is purely "laugh till you cry," red-hot entertainment.


HayWire John Swomley lives in Martinsburg, WV and De Wayne Izer hails from Greencastle, PA, but those pesky gas prices are NOT going to stop them from creating yet another fantastical, magical and wacky adventure. HayWire is a zany blend of classic comedy and new twists on old illusions. They are working harder for your family entertainment. After all - they are the "Masters of Magical Mayhem."


Jay Mattioli At 18 years old, he was hailed by the International Brotherhood of Magicians as a "Champion of Magic, becoming one of the youngest magicians to ever receive this honor. In 2006, Jay Mattioli was awarded 1st Prize at the Society of American Magicians International Stage Contest of Magic, making Jay one of a select group of magicians to receive 1st prize in both of these international magic competitions. Jay's is one of the few illusionists in the world who has truly brought magic up to date.


Hank Moorehouse Hank Moorehouse is one of the top comedy magicians throughout the United States. Hank's act is a delightfully entertaining blend of magic, comedy and audience participation. Hank is also one of the world's foremost magic authorities. He is a past president of the Society of American Magicians and has performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.


Peter Pitchford Peter Pitchford is a strange amalgamation of superb skill, expert dexterity, amazing agility, suave suppleness, and maladroit clumsiness. The combination of skill and misfortune allows the audience to share moments of laughter, of grief, of inspiration, and of triumph.


Joey the See Joey the See appears courtesy of the Witness Protection Program......well, sort of.... Joey presents a blend of comedy and psychic entertainment that can only be described as .......well, we would say funny, but we don't think Joey likes to be "judged."


The Dealers:

  • Scott Correll
  • Tom Craven
  • Cresey products (John Reid)
  • Denny and Lee Magic
  • Diamonds magic
  • Empire Magic
  • Feather Creations
  • General Grant
  • Bob Little
  • MacGyver Magic
  • Jay Mattioli
  • Magic
  • Joe Mogar
  • Hank Moorehouse
  • Ziggys magic shop

Convention Recap: