2008 Convention Recap by Beth C. Sheligo

The 2008 MAES was held at the Hotel Carlisle in Carlisle, PA, September 11 - 13th. The convention got underway on Thursday with a lecture on stage magic by Tom Craven, followed by a lecture on dove magic by Jay Mattioli. The evening entertainment “Special Event” consisted of an hilarious hour of magic and mayhem by the inimitable Bob Sheets. The evening concluded with our annual auction with auctioneer Marc DeSouza swinging the gavel.

The first order of business on Friday morning, was the Dealer’s Show, followed by the Close-Up Contest. Highlights included a cut and restored rope routine and a four ace routine by Jason Greenmyer, and a mentalism effect by Ralph Fowler featuring a spectator correctly identifying a prediction of the amount of change in the magician’s pocket.

The contest was followed by a fascinating and creative Lecture by McGyver Magic, entitled “How to Make Magic out of Anything.” The Close Up Show ensued, with MC duties handled by Marc DeSouza, and the amazing talent of Tom Craven, Bob Sheets, Peter Pitchford, John Francis, Eric Anderson and Shawn Farquahr provided a memorable experience. The William H. Endlich Memorial Show was emceed by Hank Moorehouse, and featured performances by Jay Mattioli, Joey the See and David Allen. Bob Sheets lectured to conclude the evening.

Saturday was a big day for our contestants. The stage competition got underway at 9:00 a.m., and highlights included card productions by Samson Fowler, a “money” themed act by Mary Kate Santa Lucia, a mentalism routine by Ralph Fowler assisted by three spectators involving predictions of dollar bill serial numbers, a stage act featuring silk productions by Vince Suppan, a “laboratory in a jar,” by Almar, and a combination card routine and straight jacket escape by Jason Greenmyer.

The afternoon featured lectures by Eric Anderson and Shawn Farquahr, and the annual business meeting, where our new officers were elected. Contest awards were presented prior to the start of the evening show:

The gala show was emceed by Steve Daly as “Tiny Bubbles,” and featured the magic of Jayson Andrews, Hay Wire Magic, Peter Ptichford, Scott Francis, Eric Anderson and Shawn Farquahr.