Magicians' Alliance of Eastern States
2009 Convention

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Convention Dates:

    August 20 - 22, 2009

Convention Location:

    The Hotel Carlisle
    Embers Convention Center
    Carlisle, PA

Convention Committee:

  • General Chairman - Mike Miller
  • Registrar - John Beinhaur
  • Publicity - Beth Sheligo
  • Site - John Beinhaur and Beth Sheligo
  • Talent - Phil Milstead and Mike Miller
  • Contest - David Bowers
  • Dealers - Scott Correll


  • 170 Attendees
  • 13 Dealers

Award Winners:

  • Best Assistant - not given
  • Larry West Memorial Award for Best Close-Up, Junior - not given
  • Close-Up, Adult - Jeff Carson
  • General Magic - Robert Sode
  • Stage Manipulation - Chase Cottle
  • Earl Canapp Comedy Award - Almar
  • Junior Stage - Chase Cottle
  • Mentalism - C. Edward Schmitt
  • Clint Reidel Best Act of Competition Award - Almar
  • Originality - Corey Haines
  • Pierre Fontaine Outstanding Newcomer of the Year Award - Doc Swan
  • William H. Endlich Award, to the person who best exhibits the spirit of M.A.E.S. - Denny Haney

The Acts:

Rich Bloch Rich Bloch is one of the busiest corporate entertainers, MC's and toastmasters in the world. Rich's love of theater, and his position as magic consultant to the Folger Shakespeare Theater at the Library of Congress, led Orson Welles to tap Rich as his writer for a TV special, "Time and Chance". Rich is also an inventor of illusions, with magicians all over the globe utilizing his techniques and apparatus, including David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy, and during their lifetimes, Harry Blackstone Jr. and Doug Henning. Orson Welles called Rich "An Edison of Magic.


Eric DeCamps Eric DeCamps has developed a style of intimate conjuring that permits his audience to become part of the performance. He has been a serious student of the art of magic for over 30 years, performing throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, and South America at exclusive society events. Eric is only the second magician in the 105 year history of the The Society of American Magicians to receive the prestigious Gold Medal of Excellence for Close Up Magic award.


Rocco Silano Internationally recognized magician Rocco Silano is best known for his sleeving techniques and the creation of the magic prop “D’lite.” Rocco is the recipient of both the Merlin and Golden Lion Awards. He has been nominated nine times as Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts and is the only American magician to win awards at two FISM World Tournaments.


Danny Alan Danny Alan is a multifaceted magician, and has been a professional entertainer from the tender age of 16. Danny is well recognized amongst his peers for his exceptional work and numerous awards, including first place from the Society of American Magicians, the Silver Medal of Merit and the coveted Hofzinser Award for Excellence in Classical Magic. He is only the second magician in the world to merit this honor.


Scott Alexander Scott Alexander is a charming, charismatic and engaging entertainer who has performed his amazing magic for casinos, corporations and cruise liners around the world. He is an illusionist, comedy entertainer and close-up magician with a likeable and audience appealing delivery. As a magic creator and inventor, Scott has provided magic for magicians world wide including magic for two of Penn and Teller's television appearances. He was also a magic creator for The Learning Channel's show "The Mysterious World of Alain Nu."


Cory Bragar Cory Bragar has been entertaining audiences with her unique brand of magic for the past twenty years. She focuses on inventing original effects and routines. Cory's creative magic has won numerous awards including first place in the International Brotherhood of Magicians close-up competition and The Society of American Magicians' Originality Award.


Trigg Burrage At eighteen years old, Trigg Burrage has already taken the magic world by storm. Since moving from his hometown of Townsville, Australia to the United States in 2001, Trigg has traveled across the nation with his award-winning act and energetic stage presence. Combining his passion for mime, juggling, and original magic, audiences throughout the country have enjoyed his performances. Trigg was the first place teen champion at the Florida State Magician's Convention, a two time performer in the Society of American Magician's "Stars of Tomorrow Show," and an international teen finalist at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. Don't miss this rising star in magic!


Jeff Carson Jeff Carson is a magician, comedian and juggler. His act combines conjuring and comedy to produce entertainment that is amazing to the eyes and amusing to the soul. A full time magic entertainer working for corporate and private events, Jeff’s performances are clean, original, hilarious, and highly interactive.


Doug Gorman Doug Gorman ’s resume boasts a long list of honors, including Best Close-up Magician, 2000 Texas Association of Magicians Convention, Dallas Finalist, International Brotherhood of Magicians Gold Cups Competition, San Diego, California, 2002 Finalist, Combined International Brotherhood of Magicians and Society of American Magicians International Close-up Competition, Louisville Kentucky, 2008. He has been performing close-up magic in restaurants, for over ten years. At MAES, he wil be sharing the stage with Michael Tallon during close-up.


Michael Grasso Michael Grasso ’s unique fusion of classic stage manipulation with electronic and live music, has captured the imaginations of audiences around the world. In 1997, his magical innovations earned him the Mystic Craig Award, given to the most promising young professional performer, by the Society of American Magicians. During the past year, Michael has performed in diverse venues both domestically and internationally. From Hollywood's Magic Castle, to nightclubs in New York, and casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, Michael has established himself in the United States as a dynamic stage presence.


Francis Menotti Francis Menotti presents magic in an undeniably unique way. His original performances combine refreshing interpretations of old classics and genuinely new plots that have captured the attention and respect of the top magical performers and thinkers in the world. A regular performer at New York’s longest-running Off-Broadway magic show, Monday Night Magic, and frequently appearing at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, Francis has honed his material and stage-personality before thousands of magician and lay-audiences around the world. His lecture on creativity and the imagination invites us all to examine our magic with a fresh set of eyes—and to realize that we all have the ability to be creative.


Ali Shelly Ali Shelly was genetically predisposed to become a magician. Born into a magic family, she spent her formative years working alongside her father, Mike, as a dealer. Ali competed at the Junior level, winning both the Society of American Magicians' Most Promising Young Magician as well as First Place Jr. Close-up at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention. Her new act combines her love of magic with her love of travel. She has enjoyed much success with this original and comedic number. Please, take your seats, fasten your seat belts, and enjoy the magic!


Randi Shine Randi Shine is a frequent performer at Monday Night Magic, New York’s longest running off Broadway magic show, and has performed at the world famous Magic Castle. He has amazed and performed for audiences from New York to Hollywood, and taught and performed at the College of Magic in Cape Town, South Africa. His engaging personality combined with a mix of sleight of hand, mind reading and comedy leaves audiences of all ages astonished and entertained.


Jay Sterling As an eye doctor and performance, Jay Sterling will stimulate your senses and challenge your perception as you "question what you see". Art, science, and illusion come together to bend the rules of reality as we know them. Jay is a four-time international award winner and the most recent recipient of the Jack Gwynne "Excellence in Presentation Award" presented at Abbott's Magic Convention. He has performed and lectured in London, Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Capetown, and Moscow. Jay is a former columnist on corporate magic for MUM magazine and spends much of his time as a speaker and entertainer for corporate America.


Doc Swan Doc Swan hails originally from the Philadelphia area. Doc's love of entertaining has taken him from state to state, country to country for over thirty years.With his insatiable desire to "learn it all" he has added to his repertoire constantly, teaching himself his various acts, largely by trial and error...and is always finding new ways to push the envelope on how much the human body can do. Feeling most comfortable with family-oriented entertainment, he has honed his talents to appeal to both family and all-adult audiences with "squeaky-clean" humor, and a middle-of-the-road appeal. Audiences can sense his genuine love for his craft, and respond to it.


Michael Tallon Michael Tallon has been performing magic professionally for the past twelve years. In 2000 he won first place in close-up at the TAOM Convention; in 2001 he won first place in close-up at the Columbus Magi-Fest; and in 2008 he won first place in comedy at the TAOM Convention. He was also a finalist in the SAM Close-Up Contest of Magic in 2001, the IBM Gold Cups Competition in 2002, and the IBM/SAM International Close-Up Competition in 2008. Hailed as one of the premier sleight-of-hand experts in San Antonio, Texas, Michael's specialties are close-up magic and parlor magic.